FAQ | Questions and Answers for Using Online TV services

If there are questions and online TV services below.

1.       How do you enjoy online TV services on VieTV?

You must have a fast internet connection.

You can use, PC or Laptop, VieTV can be accessed directly through http://www.vie-tv.com using a browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer).


2.        How come the online tv doesn't appear?

Maybe your browser has turned off the JavaScript function or the browser has not installed Flash Player, please try activating JavaScript and make sure your PC has flash player installed.


3.        Is there a special software or application needed to watch TV online?

No, you only need an internet connection and a browser that has Flash Player installed.


4.        How come the buffer continues, even though my internet speed is more than 1 Mbps?

Besides because the internet connection speed Buffer usually occurs because, The channel bandwidth in question is too small or indeed the channel is offline. Each channel is not always available permanently, sometimes there is a disruption to the server managed by a third party. Too many access the same channel / over view, this occurs because the number of accesses exceeds the bandwidth capacity of the channel in question. (in this case the problem is not on your connection or on the www.vie-tv.com website, but on the relevant channel server)


5.        Is there an app for Android or not?

Android apps already exist, and have been published in the Playstore.


6.        What is the application name in the PlayStore?

The application name is VieTV


7.        How come I can't access http://www.vie-tv.com at all?

Maybe our server is experiencing downtime, usually this doesn't last long You can refresh your browser or add a "/?" Sign to the end of the channel url that you access. if you still can't try refreshing your browser.

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FAQ | Pertanyaan dan Jawaban Penggunaan layanan TV Online

Jika ada Pertanyaan dan layanan TV Online dibawah ini.


1.        Bagaimana cara menikmati layanan tv online di VieTV?

Anda harus memiliki koneksi internet cepat. Anda bisa menggunakan, PC atau Laptop, VieTV bisa diakses langsung melalui http://www.vie-tv.com dengan menggunakan browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer).


2.        Kok tv online-nya ga muncul ya?

Mungkin browser anda mematikan fungsi javascript atau browser belum terinstall flash player, silahkan coba aktifkan javascript dan pastikan PC anda sudah terinstall flash player.


3.        Apakah diperlukan software atau aplikasi khusus untuk menonton tv online?

Tidak, Anda hanya perlu koneksi internet dan browser yang sudah terinstall Flash Player.


4.        Kok buffer terus ya?, padahal speed internet saya lebih dari 1 Mbps?

Selain karena speed koneksi internet Buffer biasanya terjadi karena, Bandwidth channel bersangkutan terlalu kecil atau memang channel sedang offline. Setiap channel tidak selalu tersedia secara permanent adakalanya terjadi gangguan pada server yang dikelola pihak ketiga. Terlalu banyak yang mengakses channel yang sama/over view, ini terjadi karena jumlah yang mengakses melebihi kapasitas bandwidth channel bersangkutan. (dalam kasus ini masalah bukan pada koneksi anda atau pada website www.vie-tv.com, tapi ada pada serever channel bersangkutan)


5.        Ada app buat android atau tidak?

Apps Android sudah ada, dan sudah di publish di playstore.


6.        Apa nama aplikasinya di playstore ?

Nama aplikasinya adalah VieTV


7.        Koq saya tidak bisa mengakses http://www.vie-tv.com sama sekali ?

Kemungkinan server kami sedang mengalami downtime, biasanya ini tidak berlangsung lama Anda bisa me-refresh browser anda atau menambahkan tanda “/?” diakhir url channel yang anda akses. jika masih belum bisa coba refresh lagi browser anda.